I Love My City - Lansing!
The Vision...
"I Love My City...Lansing" is an annual event in which local churches, business, and city officials partner together to improve the quality of living in Lansing MI. 

The vision of peace, prosperity, and partnership comes from Jeremiah 29:7, which tells us to "Seek the peace and prosperity of the city to which you have been sent. For, when it prospers, you too shall prosper."

The needs of our city can seem overwhelming as one business, church, or government program attempts to tackle them. Together, the possibilities are incredible!                                                                          
"I Love My City...Lansing" is an opportunity for our community to serve each other, partner together, and seek its peace and prosperity!

Labor For Your Neighbor - Coming again in May 2020
Breakfast @ SouthNaz in the Fellowship Hall - 9:00AM - 10:00AM
Service Projects  
Usually 10:30am - 5pm
See individual projects, for dates and times as they are posted
(Start and end times vary as set by the Project Leaders)

The purpose of I Love My City - Lansing is to seek the peace and prosperity of our great city! What would it look like to have every business, every neighborhood, every church, loving Lansing for one full week during the year? How could our city be impacted if once a year we all Labor For Our Neighbors together! The entire region is invited to serve. 
Be sure to invite your neighbors!
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